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Product Overview

Beetle-Block Verbenone is a repellent for the Control of Mountain Pine and Ips Beetles

  • BeetleBlock-Verbenone is now approved to repel even more beetle species!
  • Longest lasting Verbenone dispenser on the market
  • Consistently choosen by the USFS and Parks Deparments as their method of Pine Beetle Repellent
  • Only one application is needed per season with BeetleBlock-Verbenone
  • New Verbenone dispensers made fresh every season

How it Works

Pine beetles produce a repellent pheromone in an infested tree when the tree does not have enough food to support invasion of any more beetles.  It is a beetle signal to 'Stay Away', 'No more room'!  This natural pheromone is Verbenone and it has been chemically copied and placed in BeetleBlock-Verbenone packets.

Our easy to use, controlled release BeetleBlock dispenser is placed on individual trees, or placed in a grid pattern when wanting to protect areas larger than 1/4 acre.  Apply BeetleBlock a few weeks prior to expected beetle flight.  Dispensers will emit repellent for 100 or more days through beetle flight during the summer.  Staple or nail one BeetleBlock dispenser directly to a tree at a height of 6-8ft.

Types of Trees BeetleBlock-Verbenone Protects

Lodgepole Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Whitebark Pine, Western White Pine, Southwestern White Pine, Limber Pine, Sugar Pine, Coulter Pine, Monterey Pine, Jack Pine, Red Pine, Jeffery Pine, Scotch Pine, Knobcone Pine, Bristlecone Pine, Bishop Pine, Aleppo Pine, Torrey Pine, Spruce Pine, Digger Pine, Pinion Pine, Pitch Pine, Slash Pine, Longleaf Pine, Shortleaf Pine, Virginia Pine, Pond Pine, Eastern White Pine, Loblolly Pine, Engelmann Spruce, White Spruce, Lutz Spruce, Sitka Spruce and other trees attacked by bark and ambrosia beetles. 

BeetleBlock-Verbenone Protects Against These Pests

  • Mountain Pine Beetle
  • Southern Pine Beetle
  • Western Pine Beetle
  • Red Turpentine Beetle
  • Pine Engraver
  • Northern Spruce Engraver
  • California Five-spined Ips
  • Other bark and ambrosia beetles

Studies and Testing

Four years of testing by the USDA and Forest Service show that in high beetle populations where beetles were specifically attracted into the test area with attractants, the percentage of trees mass attacked was reduced from an average of 74% on untreated trees, to 18% on BeetleBlock-Verbenone treated trees.

To see a complete USDA description of beetle damage, spread, susceptible trees, etc., read the USDA Pine Beetle Leaflet.

Successfully used since 2007 in CO, MT, WY, ID, UT and NM by the US Forest Service, State Agencies, HOAs, ranches, recreational areas and homeowners.

Registered by the EPA and approved organic by USDA/NOP.

*High beetle populations require a higher use rate compared to lower beetle populations.  BeetleBlock-Verbenone may not give the desired control under high beetle populations where more than 60-70% of the trees are expected to be killed during the season.  


BeetleBlock is safe for both users and the environment.  Unlike the insecticides approved for control of Mountain Pine and Ips Beetles, BeetleBlock-Verbenone does not kill bees, beneficial insects, or aquatic organisms.  BeetleBlock can be used around lakes, rivers, and streams and is safe to wildlife.  Application by certified applicator is not required.  Always read the label and follow precautionary statements. 

BeetleBlock-Verbenone is NOT registered for use or sale in California.


(5 reviews) Write a Review

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    Muy bueno

    Posted by Clara Herrera on 15th Aug 2022

    Es muy fácil de usar y efectivo, la gente de soporte nos ayudo mucho en nuestra dudas. Si quieres algo efectivo contra la plaga, esta es la mejor solución en el mercado

  • 5
    Pretty good

    Posted by Esteban Gutierrez on 28th Jul 2022

    It works very well. I have it for a small portion of land and it has gone very well, also the product lasts a long time

  • 5
    Excelente producto!

    Posted by Ricardo Arenas on 22nd Jul 2022

    Seguro poca gente entenderá este mensaje, pero para la gente de habla hispana y nos dedicamos a esto. Es un excelente producto te lo recomiendo mucho, nos ha ayudado como no tienes idea. Muchas gracias chicos

  • 5
    Supportive seller

    Posted by Violet D on 20th Apr 2021

    Helpful website and seller. We found what we needed for our pine trees

  • 4
    Helpful 2 pack

    Posted by Kelsey on 14th Apr 2021

    The smaller package with good instructions is nice for smaller yards if you only have a few trees