BeetleBlock MCH

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Repellent for the control of Douglas-Fir and Spruce Beetles

BeetleBlock-MCH is an anti-aggregation pheromone that signals Douglas-Fir Beetles and Spruce Beetles not to visit an area or individual trees.  The pheromone repellent is enclosed in a controlled release dispenser that is stapled or nailed to trees during the beetle season. 

Control of both Douglas-Fir and Spruce Beetles has been excellent as demonstrated by the USFS and State Foresters.  A detailed explanation of MCH and how to use BeetleBlock-MCH can be found here

Use Rates:  
10-15" diameter tree 2 Dispensers
15-20" diameter tree 3 Dispensers
20-25" diameter tree 4 Dispensers
Over 25" diameter tree

5 Dispensers

Or 40 per acre


BeetleBlock-MCH is NOT registered for use or sale in California.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review