VivaTrap! Honey Bee Magnet (2 Pack)


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Product Overview

Attracts honey bees to your garden to increase yields of fruits, berries, and vegetables!

Research on honey bee attractants has been underway for the past 40 years.  From this research was developed Queen pheromones to attract swarms, alarm pheromones to warn bees of danger, and general attractant pheromones to direct worker bees to sources of water and food.

Honey Bee Magnet is a blend of selected pheromones identified by researchers to attract worker bees to potential food sources (flowers).  These are natural attractants often found in fruit and vegetable flowers and are non-toxic.  Other products have been developed that must be sprayed on the crop more than once.  Sprayable products evaporate in a few days and lose effectiveness.  Honey Bee Magnet is in a controlled release dispenser that constantly emits the attractant for 2 weeks.  It will not wash away with rain or irrigation.  There is no messy spray or cleanup.




Honey bee Magnet has the following advantages over liquid products:

  • No messy sprays or cleanup

  • Do not need to reapply if bloom lasts 2 weeks or less

  • No worry about reapplication if it rains 1-3 days after spraying

  • No concern about getting spray in eyes, on skin, or ingested

Instructions: Simply hang one lure per large fruit tree or 1/200 sq. ft. in garden at the start of bloom.  Attraction will last for 2 weeks.  Reapply if the bloom period is extended beyond 2 weeks because of cold temperatures.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review