Pentra-Bark Penetrating Surfactant

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Product Overview

Pentra-Bark Penetrating Surfactant will transport water soluble insecticide, fungicide, plant growth regulators and fertilizer into the vascular system of the tree for translocation into foliage or roots, which eliminates the need to spray foliage, soil drench, bark inject, or pressure inject into soil.

Pentra-Bark works because: All woody plants have microscopic openings in the exterior protective bark periderm layer called lenticels, these lenticels are functionally used for plant transpiration and pressure regulation. Lenticels connect directly to the plant’s annual spiral openings or vascular metabolic transport system contained in the plant’s cambial phelloderm. When Pentra-Bark is applied to the woody bark periderm in combination with systemic pesticides, it opens the lenticels and enables movement through the lenticels into the plant’s vascular transport system.

California registration #83416-5001-AA

Pentra-Bark Label

Pentra-Bark Tech Sheet

Use Rate: 1:20 ratio for most systemic products, or 3oz Pentra-Bark per 1/2 gallon of liquid




(No reviews yet) Write a Review