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R-Avex - Bird Repellent

R-Avex - Bird Repellent

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R-Avex is a new generation bird repellent, based on a natural compound found in grape skins. It can be sprayed on food crops, lawns, and structures where birds congregate.   It works by irritating the pain receptor associated with a bird’s sense of taste and smell, but without causing any harm to the bird.  After a few sprays every 5-8 days the birds learn that the fruit or surface is irritating and stop trying to feed on the fruit or leave the area.

The active ingredient in R-Avex is a food grade product classified by the FDA as a GRAS compound (Generally Recognized as Safe).  It is used in food flavorings and perfumes.  Safe for pets to enter the area after the spray has dried.  R-Avex can be used in and around Animal Feed Facilities (barns) as well.

The R-Avex formulation is very stable and can be used in hard water, which is known to be a problem with other products.  If the product is stored below freezing and solidifies it will go back into suspension as the temperature increases to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  R-Avex is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers. 

What makes R-Avex different?

  1. It can be used on food crops
  2. It is not a sticky gel or glue
  3. It is not ineffective bird spikes

Where R-Avex can be used:

  • All Stone fruits (cherries, peaches, plums, etc.)
  • All Berries and Grapes
  • Sunflowers
  • Ornamentals
  • Lawns, Golf Courses, Parks
  • Houses, Buildings, Barns
  • Fountains and temporary pools with no fish.
  • Anywhere birds create a mess

R-Avex repels against almost all Birds including:

  • geese
  • ducks
  • sparrows
  • starlings
  • barn swallows
  • pigeons

R-Avex Label

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