Fruit Fly Trap (2 pack)

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Product Overview

Fruit Fly Trap attracts the adult fruit flies whose larvae/maggots burrow into fruit.

Works on many types of fruit flies, including:

  • Apple Maggot

  • Blueberry Maggot

  • Cherry Fruit Maggot

  • Walnut Husk Fly Maggot

Each package contains two lures and two yellow sticky cards with 30 sq. in. of strong adhesive.

Based on State Department of Agriculture monitoring programs and the biology of fruit flies, there are two types of lures available for maximum effectiveness in different geographic regions.

  1. For the Western U.S. use the protein based lure*

  2. For the Eastern U.S. use the fruity attractant lure**

*protein based lures last for 60 days.

**Fruity attractant lures last for 30 days. 

Please specify where lures will be used when ordering.

Traps are designed to be used outdoors, not for household fruit flies.