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Agri-Fos - Bio-Rational Fungicide

Agri-Fos - Bio-Rational Fungicide

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Helps protect trees from Sudden Oak Death

Controls Phytophthora, Pythium, Downy Mildews, Rusts, Apple Scab, Xanthomonas, Erwinia, Root Rots, Blights, Mildews, Scabs, Leaf Spots, Cankers, Bacteria, and others.  

Agri-Fos is a unique fungicide with curative and protective activity against many pathogens of agricultural, nursery, greenhouse, landscape ornamentals, turf and lawns.  It is quickly absorbed by plant foliage and roots and is distributed systematically throughout the plant.  Once inside it turns on the natural defense mechanisms of the plant to resist invasion by disease causing pathogens.  If diseases are already present it helps the plant to kill the pathogen invaders by curative activity while protecting new growth. 

Agri-Fos was approved by the Biopesticide Division of EPA as a biorational fungicide.  It has minimal impact on the environment.  See label for precautions.


Agri-Fos is a concentrated formula, that easily mixes with water (see label for proper mix rates).  Application can be made as a foliar spray or drench on a two to four week schedule when diseases threaten plant health or when diseases have already become established.  The liquid formulation easily mixes with water.  The product should not be tank mixed with most adjuvants, surfactants, stickers, or copper compounds.  (See label for proper application instructions).

Agri-Fos is registered for use on various agricultural crops, golf courses, turf farms, ornamentals, and lawns.  Both EPA and Cal EPA registered, #71962-1.  It is also registered in most states.

Agri-Fos with Pentra-Bark surfactant is the only approved combination for control of Sudden Oak Death.

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Agri-Fos Labels


"Everything Agri- Fos is sprayed on is invigorated. I even have ripe strawberries on the runners made from the main plants in the past 6 weeks. It also killed late blight starting on tomatoes from a rain several weeks ago." Mike - Coquille, OR
For more info on Sudden Oak Death



NOTE: Anything over 1 gallon must be shipped via UPS

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